Etikettarkiv: Humor

Tävling med Kanadensare i Jönköping (snart)!(?)

I alla fall om vi ska tro illustrationen i dagens JönköpingsPosten.

Vi ska få kanotstadium i Jönköping och Rocksjön är det tänkt. Men de kanoter som jag sett tränas med i Munksjön utanför jobbet och på TV liknar inte de som Atrio Arkitekter tror ska paddlas i Rocksjön. Men vem vet, Anders, Sofia och Co kanske har bytt kanottyp.


Kanot, samlingsnamn.

Kanadensare, illustrationen.

Kajak. min favorit. Gärna låg och smal.

En annorlunda kajakroll

A traditional kayaker came upon another traditional kayaker practicing his rolls.

As the first kayaker approached he noticed the second kayaker continuously flipping over and then wet exiting.

After watching this fellow bomb his roll several times he inquired “are you having some trouble with your roll?”

To this the second kayaker replied “actually no, but thanks. I almost have it perfected.”

This was somewhat bewildering to the first kayaker since he hadn’t seen this fellow succeed. Instead, it always ended up the same: a wet exit.

So he said “I don’t get it. You keep wet exiting. I mean – you keep bombing your roll. How can you call that perfect?”

“I’m sorry for any confusion” replied the second kayaker.

“This is a roll I discovered watching Fox News the other day.”

“It’s called the Palin roll because you quit half way through it.”

“It’s pretty easy really; you just have to start out with a fair but unbalanced brace for it to work.”

“And boy let me tell you about all the attention I’ve been getting.”


Jag snubblade på den på qajaqusa och den fick mej att le en smula.